IltmmCameraControl::GetRange Example for C++

void GetCameraControlInfo(IltmmCameraControl *pCamera) 
   long lMin, lMax, lSteppingDelta, lDefault, lCapsFlags, lVal, lFlag; 
   if (pCamera != NULL) 
      // get the range info 
      pCamera->GetRange(ltmmCameraControl_Zoom, &lMin, &lMax, &lSteppingDelta, &lDefault, &lCapsFlags); 
      // get the zoom and set it to the middle range value 
      pCamera->Get(ltmmCameraControl_Zoom, &lVal, &lFlag); 
      lVal = (lMax + lMin) / 2; 
      pCamera->Set(ltmmCameraControl_Zoom, lVal, lFlag); 
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