ltmmLogFile_Flag Constants

typedef enum ltmmLogFile_Flag 
   ltmmLogFile_GeneralInfo	= 0x1, 
   ltmmLogFile_GraphEvents	= 0x2, 
   ltmmLogFile_GraphBuilder	= 0x4, 
   ltmmLogFile_GraphSnapshot	= 0x8, 
   ltmmLogFile_StreamInfo	= 0x10, 
   ltmmLogFile_RegisteredFilters	= 0x20, 
   ltmmLogFile_StreamData	= 0x40, 
   ltmmLogFile_SourceInfo	= 0x80, 
   ltmmLogFile_SourceData	= 0x100, 
   ltmmLogFile_Append	= 0x80000000 
} ltmmLogFile_Flag; 

The ltmmLogFile_Flag Constants specify the desired logging options used by the IltmmConvert::OpenLogFile function.

You can combine values when appropriate by using a bitwise OR ( | ).

Constant Description
ltmmLogFile_GeneralInfo [0x00000001] Log general operations information: running and stopping graphs, abortion, completion, state requests, etc.
ltmmLogFile_GraphEvents [0x00000002] Log media events.
ltmmLogFile_GraphBuilder [0x00000004] Log information related to building graphs.
ltmmLogFile_GraphSnapshot [0x00000008] Log graph attributes. Writes all the attributes of the graph for later inspection (as if a snapshot had been taken for the graph).
ltmmLogFile_StreamInfo [0x00000010] Log stream information: type, start, end, etc.
ltmmLogFile_RegisteredFilters [0x00000020] Write all registered filters information, system wide.
ltmmLogFile_StreamData [0x00000040] Write the media sample to the log. If not included, only the sample attributes will be written.
ltmmLogFile_SourceInfo [0x00000080] Write the source information to the log.
ltmmLogFile_SourceData [0x00000100] Write the source data to the log. If not included, only the sample attributes will be written.
ltmmLogFile_Append [0x80000000] Append the new information to the end of the specified log file.
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