#include "ILMDVRSink.h"


Language Syntax
C Syntax HRESULT ILMDVRSink_GetFragmentAlignment(pILMDVRSink, startOffset, endOffset, pAlignedStartOffset, pAlignedEndOffset)
C++ Syntax HRESULT GetFragmentAlignment(startOffset, endOffset, pAlignedStartOffset, pAlignedEndOffset)
Data Type Description
ILMDVRSink *pILMDVRSink; pointer to an interface
double startOffset; starting byte offset
double endOffset; ending byte offset
double *pAlignedStartOffset; * pointer storing offset of first transport fragment
double *pAlignedEndOffset; * pointer storing offset of last transport fragment


Takes the user-supplied byte range and scans for transport fragment boundaries.


Parameter Description
pILMDRSink Pointer to an ILMDVRSink interface
startOffset; Specifies the byte offset at which to begin scanning for transport fragments.
endOffset; Specifies the byte offset at which to stop scanning for transport fragments.
pAlignedStartOffset; A pointer to a double variable, storing the offset of the start of the first transport fragment found.
pAlignedEndOffset; A pointer to a double variable, storing the offset of the end of the last transport fragment.


Value Meaning
S_OK No error
S_FALSE No transport fragment found: pAlignedStartOffset and pAlignedEndOffset are set equal to startOffset, and indicate an empty search.


Use this function along with ILMDVRSink::CopyBufferToFile to save a completely intact MPEG transport fragment.

Set up the MPEG multiplexer used for recording to DVR by calling put_OutputType(Mpg2MxT_OutputType_HLS). Doing so guarantees that fragment boundaries start with synchronization frames. Specify the boundary time interval by calling put_ResyncInterval(intervalTime).

Required DLLs and Libraries

For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64


For a C++ example, refer to ILMDVRSink::GetFragmentAlignment Example For C++

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