typedef enum ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL 
   ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_8 = 0x8000, 
   ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_7 = 0x4000, 
   ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_6 = 0x2000, 
   ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_5 = 0x1000, 
   ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_4 = 0x0800, 
   ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_3 = 0x0400, 
   ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_2 = 0x0200, 
   ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_1 = 0x0100 

The ltmmDVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL constants specify the parental levels defined in the DVD specification. The values listed above can be used with the IltmmDVDControl interface functions. DVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_8 is the most restrictive level and DVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_1 is the least restrictive.


For more detailed information, see the Microsoft documentation for the DVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL Enumeration.

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