ltmmCapture_Notify Constants

typedef enum _ltmmCapture_Notify 
} ltmmCapture_Notify; 

The ltmmCapture_Notify constants define the WPARAM parameter used in notification messages.

Constant Description
ltmmCapture_Notify_Started [0] Indicates that capturing process has started.
ltmmCapture_Notify_Complete [1] Indicates a successful completion of the capturing process.
ltmmCapture_Notify_ErrorAbort [2] Indicates that a capture error has occurred. The message LPARAM value contains the HRESULT error code.
ltmmCapture_Notify_Progress [3] Indicates the current progress of the conversion process. The message LPARAM value contains the current capture time, in milliseconds.
ltmmCapture_Notify_MediaEvent [4] Indicates an event related to the current media and the operations performed on it. The message LPARAM value is a pointer to an ltmmMediaEvent structure. For a list of all possible values of the event code and parameters refer to the ltmmMediaEventCode Constants. Currently, only DVD specific events are supported.
ltmmCapture_Notify_RestartApplication [5] Indicates a settings change in the capture device requires an application restart.  Failure to restart the application after receiving this event will result in unpredictable behaviour.
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