General comments on CAB files and streaming video

There are two ways you can stream video:

  1. Stream stored videos (video-on-demand type solution) and

  2. Stream live video

The Streaming Video HTML sample, located at: ..\EXAMPLES\MULTIMEDIA\ltmm\html\SampleVideoStreaming.htm sample shows you how to stream stored video. In order to stream video on every users computer, we chose to show you how you use Windows Media Player to stream Ogg files.

We created a CAB file containing the following files:

Q: Why do I need both the DMO and DirectShow H.264 decoders?

A: Media Player 9 and earlier will play video in AVI and Ogg files if it has a DirectShow or VFW decoder. The files in our sample web pages use Ogg files, so we added the DirectShow decoder.

If the H.264 video is inside Windows Media files (WMV or WMA), then you need to use a DMO or Video For Windows (VFW) decoder. We do not have a VFW H.264 decoder, so we included the DMO decoder in the cab file for simplicity. This way, you can stream Windows Media, AVI or Ogg files using the same CAB file. Contact for license information.

Note: You are not licensed to put release decoders in a CAB file unless you get a license from LEAD Technologies, Inc. If you do not have such a license, just put the eval decoders in the cab file.

Q: How do I stream live video?

A: To stream live video, we recommend you use Windows Media Server technologies. At the time we created this document, information on Windows Media Server could be found at If this link no longer exists, simply search for Windows Media Server on Microsofts web site (

For information on how to use the LEAD H.264 encoder with Windows Media Server, refer to Using H264 DMO Encoder with Windows Media Server.htm.

Notes on how to generate your own cab file (if you decide to use the CAB file we installed, you can skip this section).

Both the DirectShow and DMO H.264 decoders require the kernel to be present when you register the DLLs. We have included a sample file (H264OGG.INF) which you can modify and use when creating your own CAB file.

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