IltmmCaptureInputs::get_NearestSelection Example for C

void IltmmCaptureInputs_get_NearestSelection_Example (IltmmCapture* pCapture) 
   // After the capture properties dialog has been invoked.. 
   IltmmCaptureInputs* pInputs; 
   long index, count; 
   IltmmCapture_get_VideoInputs(pCapture, &pInputs); 
   IltmmCaptureInputs_get_Count(pInputs, &count); 
   if(count > 0) 
      IltmmCaptureInputs_get_Selection(pInputs, &index); 
      if( index == -1 ) 
         if(MessageBox(NULL, "The video input has been altered without changing other related inputs. Would you like the other related inputs changed automatically?", NULL, MB_YESNO) == IDYES) 
            // get the closest selection and use it; 
            // this will fix the problem of unmatched audio/video inputs. 
            IltmmCaptureInputs_get_NearestSelection(pInputs, &index); 
            IltmmCaptureInputs_put_Selection(pInputs, index); 
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