IltmmPlay::get_DVDecoderResolution Example for C

This function will change the small resolution into the second highest resolution.

void IltmmPlay_get_DVDecoderResolution_Example (IltmmPlay* pPlay) 
	ltmmDVResolution res;  
	IltmmPlay_get_DVDecoderResolution(pPlay, &res);  
	if(res == ltmmDVResolution_DC)  
		IltmmPlay_put_DVDecoderResolution(pPlay, ltmmDVResolution_Quarter);  
	if(res == ltmmDVResolution_Quarter)  
		IltmmPlay_put_DVDecoderResolution (pPlay, ltmmDVResolution_Half);  
	if(res == ltmmDVResolution_Half)  
		IltmmPlay_put_DVDecoderResolution (pPlay, ltmmDVResolution_Full);  

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