ltmmCompressor_Reliability Constants

typedef enum ltmmCompressor_Reliability 
   ltmmCompressor_Reliability_Unusable = 0, 
   ltmmCompressor_Reliability_Unstable = 1, 
   ltmmCompressor_Reliability_Unverified = 2, 
   ltmmCompressor_Reliability_Stable = 3 
} ltmmCompressor_Reliability; 

The ltmmCompressor_Reliability constants provide reliability information on compressors (audio or video), based on a history of field tests. Compressor reliability is obtained using the IltmmCompressor::get_Reliability function.




[0] The compressor has serious problems that prevent it from performing its intended tasks. Possible causes are: the compressor is not registered properly, or it is missing.


[1] The compressor has shown instability during tests. Common problems are: incompatible outputs, corrupted outputs, crashes, and other problems that prevent graphs containing the compressor from running properly.


[2] The compressor is not tested.


[3] The compressor has no known problems.

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