LEAD DVD Burner (2.0) Object

The LEAD DVD Burner* (2.0) object allows any DirectShow application to use it to burn ISO and DVD images on recordable and writable media.

Interfaces ILTDVDBurner

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

See Also

ILTDVDBurner Interface

ILTDvdWriter Interface

* The driver that writes the data (burns the data) to the DVD. It is the software that burns the DVD image to the physical media. DVD image** to the physical media. DVD image to the physical media.

** A set of files that contain all of the video and audio content for a DVD, organized with a table of contents (optional). See also: Title, Chapter***, ISO Image.

*** The name for each individual video file on a DVD. For example, under the title "Water Skiing", you might have the chapters "My first try," "My first wreck," and "My first jump."

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