IltmmCapture::SetPreferredFilter Example for C++

// This function does the following: 
// 1) Sets all filters to LEAD Default filters 
// 1) Sets the H.264 Decompressor to LEAD H264 decoder (not necessary, but added to show how to set an individual filter) 
void TestSetPreferredFilter(IltmmCapture *pCapture) 
   HRESULT hr = S_OK; 
   BSTR bstr = NULL; 
   // Setting all filters to LEAD Default filters 
   bstr = SysAllocString(ltmmFilter_LEADDefault); 
   hr = pCapture->SetPreferredFilter(ltmmCapture_PreferredFilter_Generic, bstr); 
   // Setting H.264 Decompressor to LEAD H264 Decoder (3.0), using the Friendly Name 
   bstr = SysAllocString(L"LEAD H264 Decoder (3.0)"); 
   hr = pCapture->SetPreferredFilter(ltmmCapture_PreferredFilter_H264Decompressor, bstr); 
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