IltmmConvert::put_SelectionStartModifier Example for C

This function demonstrates how to get and put selection modifiers.

#define START_VAL 10.0 
#define END_VAL   30.0 
void    IltmmConvert_get_SelectionStartModifier_Example(IltmmConvert * pConvert) 
   ltmmSelectionModifier modifier = ltmmSelectionModifier_None; 
   double value = 0; 
   char buf[180] = ""; 
   // Selection Start 
   // Set the Selection Start Modifier to Nearest Key Frame 
   IltmmConvert_get_SelectionStartModifier(pConvert, &modifier); 
   if(modifier != ltmmSelectionModifier_NearestKeyFrame) 
      IltmmConvert_put_SelectionStartModifier(pConvert, ltmmSelectionModifier_NearestKeyFrame); 
   // Set the value to something nice and round 
   IltmmConvert_put_SelectionStart(pConvert, START_VAL); 
   // get the value to see how it was auto adjusted 
   IltmmConvert_get_SelectionStart(pConvert, &value); 
   sprintf(buf, "%f\n", value); 
   // Selection End 
   // Set the Selection End Modifier to Next Key Frame 
   IltmmConvert_get_SelectionEndModifier(pConvert, &modifier); 
   if(modifier != ltmmSelectionModifier_NextKeyFrame) 
      IltmmConvert_put_SelectionEndModifier(pConvert, ltmmSelectionModifier_NextKeyFrame); 
   // Set the value to something nice and round 
   IltmmConvert_put_SelectionEnd(pConvert, END_VAL); 
   // get the value to see how it was auto adjusted 
   IltmmConvert_get_SelectionEnd(pConvert, &value); 
   sprintf(buf, "%f\n", value); 

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