IltmmPlay::get_DVDecoderResolution Example for C++

// This function will change the small resolution 
// into the next highest resolution 
HRESULT GetPlayDVDDecoderResolution(IltmmPlay *pPlay) 
   ltmmDVResolution DVRes; 
   CString strDV; 
   // call the Play object to retrieve the DVD Decoder resolution 
   HRESULT hr = pPlay->get_DVDecoderResolution(&DVRes); 
   if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) 
      // increase the resolution 
      if(DVRes == ltmmDVResolution_DC) 
      if(DVRes == ltmmDVResolution_Quarter) 
      if(DVRes == ltmmDVResolution_Half) 
      // display the current resolution 
      strDV.Format(TEXT("DV Decoder resolution = %d"), (int)DVRes); 
      MessageBox(NULL, strDV, TEXT("DVD Decoder Resolution"), MB_OK); 
   return hr; 
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