IltmmPlay::get_PreferredMPEG2Splitter Example for C++

// setting and getting the preferred MPEG-2 splitter 
#define MPEG2_SPLITTER  L"@device:sw:{083863F1-70DE-11D0-BD40-00A0C911CE86}\\{3AE86B20-7BE8-11D1-ABE6-00A0C905F375}" 
HRESULT GetPlayPreferedMPEG2Splitter(IltmmPlay *pPlay) 
   BSTR bstr; 
   // try to get the preferred mpeg2 splitter name 
   HRESULT hr = pPlay->get_PreferredMPEG2Splitter(&bstr); 
   // if we are not currently using the mpeg2 splitter, set it as preferred 
   if (SUCCEEDED(hr) && wcscmp(MPEG2_SPLITTER, bstr) != 0) 
      hr = pPlay->put_PreferredMPEG2Splitter(MPEG2_SPLITTER); 
   // free the bster 
   return hr; 
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