#include "ILMDVRSource.h"

C Syntax

HRESULT ILMDVRSource_GetBufferInfo(pILMDVRSource,  nBufferIndex,  pszFileName, pnUsefulSize, pnFileSize, pnPlayIndex, pnFlags)

C++ Syntax

HRESULT GetBufferInfo(nBufferIndex, pszFileName, pnUsefulSize, pnFileSize, pnPlayIndex, pnFlags)

ILMDVRSource *pILMDVRSource;

pointer to an interface

long nBufferIndex;

index to buffer folder

BSTR * pszFileName;

pointer to buffer filename

double * pnUsefulSize;

pointer to used file size

double * pnFileSize;

pointer to physical file size

long * pnPlayIndex;

pointer to play order index

long * pnFlags;

pointer to flags

Gets the buffer information associated with the specified buffer file index.




Pointer to an ILMDVRSource interface.


The index of the buffer file for which to get information.


Pointer to a string type that will receive the filename of the related buffer recording file.


Pointer to a double type that will receive the used file size of this recording chunk file.


Pointer to a double type that will receive the physical file size of this recording chunk file.


Pointer to a long type that will receive the index in the play order (the first index might not be 0, but all files should have sequential and incrementing indexes after the first index value)



Pointer to a long type that will receive a DVRBufferFlagConstant setting.

Value can be:

DVRBuffer_Empty = 0x0001,

DVRBuffer_Writing = 0x0002,

DVRBuffer_Finished = 0x0004



The function was successful.

<> S_OK

An error occurred. Refer to the Error Codes or the HRESULT error codes in the DirectShow documentation.


Returns S_OK if successful; otherwise, returns a code indicating the reason for failure:

E_INVALIDARG = Buffer index supplied is outside the range of currently valid indexes.

LTMM_E_DVR_NO_RECORDINGS = No .LRC recording files exist.

E_OUTOFMEMORY = A memory allocation error occurred. When attempting to allocate storage for the buffer filename string.

Required DLLs and Libraries


For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64

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