ltmmFilter Constants

Predefined display names for LEAD filters. Used in the pVal parameter of the SetPreferredFilter and GetPreferredFilter methods for the Play and Convert objects.

Constant Description
ltmmFilter_DontCare Use the default DirectShow filter based on the merit system.
ltmmFilter_LEADDefault Use the default LEAD filter. If there is no LEAD filter, use the default DirectShow filter.
ltmmFilter_LEAD_MPEG2Decompressor Use the LEAD MPEG2 Decoder
ltmmFilter_LEAD_MPEG4Decompressor Use the LEAD MPEG4 Decoder
ltmmFilter_LEAD_H264Decompressor Use the LEAD H264 Decoder
ltmmFilter_LEAD_H265Decompressor Use the LEAD H265 Decoder
ltmmFilter_LEAD_H263Decompressor Use the LEAD H263 Decoder
ltmmFilter_LEAD_AACDecompressor Use the LEAD AAC Decoder
ltmmFilter_LEAD_ISODemultiplexer Use the LEAD ISO Demultiplexer
ltmmFilter_LEAD_FLVDemultiplexer Use the LEAD FLV Demultiplexer
ltmmFilter_LEAD_MPEG2TransportDemultiplexer Use the LEAD MPEG 2 Transport Demultiplexer
ltmmFilter_LEAD_MPEG2ProgramDemultiplexer Use the LEAD MPEG 2 Program Demultiplexer
ltmmFilter_MPEG2_Splitter Use the LEAD MPEG 2 Splitter
ltmmFilter_MPEG2_Demux Use the LEAD MPEG 2 Demultiplexer
ltmmFilter_MS_DTV_DVD_VideoDecoder Use the Microsoft DVD Video Decoder
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