IltmmDVDSource Interface

The IltmmDVDSource interface provides greater control than the DirectShow DVD Navigator when converting or playing a DVD image . The DVD Navigator is the default filter used by the toolkit. It allows a user to playback the DVD normally with menus. However, it is not possible to individually select the DVD titles and chapters to be played. This is where the DVD Source filter is useful. It allows a user to predetermine which titles and chapters to play and convert. It then treats the entire playback like a normal file. No menus are presented. By default, the DVD Source filter will select the Main DVD title and default audio stream . This will work for most DVDs. So the user does not have to do anything.

The ltmmDVDSource Object can be accessed through the IltmmPlay and the IltmmConvert Interfaces. The put_UseDVDSource should be called with VARIANT_TRUE value before specifying the DVD source image to force the player and/or the converter to use the IltmmDVDSource interface when attempting to play or convert a DVD image. The IltmmDVDSource interface can be obtained by passing ltmmPlay_Object_SourceFilter or ltmmConvert_Object_SourceFilter as the ObjType parameter for IltmmPlay::GetSubObject or IltmmConvert::GetSubObject.

The IltmmDVDSource interface exposes the following functions:











Win32, x64

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