LEAD H265 Decoder

The LEAD H265 Decoder is a decoder that can decompress video compressed by any H265 codec. The DirectShow® decoder is preferred over the DirectX Media Object (DMO) decoder when playing H265 video from AVI, Ogg or any non-WMV format in both Media Player and other DirectShow-based players.

The DirectShow decoder is capable of playing H265 video from WMV files in players built with LEADTOOLS or DirectShow. Windows Media Player will NOT use a DirectShow decoder to play WMV files. It will insist on using DMO or VFW decoders to play WMV files. Media Player will, however, use DirectShow decoders to play AVI or Ogg files.

The decoder can use Intel Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration for compression once the libmfxsw32/64.dll is installed properly. For more information, refer to LEAD H264 Encoder 4.0.

The decoder can use NVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration on computers with NVIDIA graphics cards with CUDA capabilities. You do not need to install anything; hardware acceleration will be used automatically if possible. For more information about the supported CUDA technology, refer to Using H264 and H265 Encoders on NVIDIA GPUs. For more information on which NVIDIA hardware supports H264, refer to CUDA Hardware Support.

Technical details for the filter are provided in the following table:

Component Description
Filter Interface(s) ILMH265Decoder
Interface ID IID_ILMH265Decoder
Input Media Types Type:
Output Media Types Type:
Filter CLSID CLSID_LMH265Decoder
Property Page(s) CLSID CLSID_LMH265DecoderPropertyPage
Filter Category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory
Executable LDecH265.dll/LDecH265Krn.dll (Win32), LDecH265x.dll/LDecH265Krnx.dll (x64), DSKernel2.dll, libmfxsw32.dll (32-bit) or libmfxsw64.dll (64-bit)
Header ILDecH265.h


Win32, x64.

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