LEAD Technologies is pleased to announce the release of new features in LEADTOOLS Version 17.5. This updated version includes many enhancements and several new technologies and features within its Document and Medical product lines.

The LEADTOOLS Document Imaging engine has received major enhancements, including significant improvements to the speed and accuracy of its OCR, PDF, and Barcode engines, as well as new SharePoint integration capabilities.

The health care industry continues to demand innovation and rapid development capability. This new version of 17.5's Medical Web Viewer Framework and PACS Framework have new major features, including cross-platform and mobile device capable viewers, more robust and simpler customization, and a new OEM-ready DICOM Server application with source code.

What's new in the LEADTOOLS Document Engine

OCR Advantage

The latest version of LEADTOOLS 17.5 includes dramatically increased speed and accuracy of the OCR Advantage engine.

  • Increased speed by up to 300%
  • Faster and more accurate table detection
  • Auto Orient up to 8x faster
  • Improved algorithm for small zones—yielding greater accuracy for Forms Recognition and Processing
  • Greatly enhanced accuracy of color image recognition by using a new segment based auto-binarization algorithm


  • Load times between 400% and 800% faster
  • PDF Support for v1.7
  • Added support for reading with 128-bit AES and 256-bit AESv3 encryption
  • Native multithreaded support

SharePoint Integration

  • Load and Save images directly to and from SharePoint
  • SharePoint integration with other LEADTOOLS features such as OCR, Barcode, File Format Conversion, and more

Microsoft Phone 7 Silverlight

  • Improved speed for Windows Phone 7 Barcode libraries
  • New Live Capture Barcode demo

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What's new in the LEADTOOLS Medical Engine

New OEM-ready DICOM Storage Server application with Source Code

  • New Patient Updater feature includes a patient/study management client that allows users to move, merge, and update patient information using DICOM communication
  • New Auto-Copy feature automatically routes retrieved DICOM image data to multiple storage locations
  • New Gateway feature acts as a query/retrieve proxy, automatically relaying a single query/retrieve message to any number of specified external DICOM servers
  • New Forwarding feature automatically forwards DICOM image data to another PACS server immediately upon storage or on any schedule
  • Full source code provided for customization or branding with your own company logo

Medical Web Viewer Framework

  • HTML5 Viewer with window level support
  • Improved thin-client layout for mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone

Medical Image Viewer

  • Improved reference line support, including first and last reference line support
  • New Probe Tool to display pixel information and user text
  • New Snap Ruler that allows the ruler to snap to the image, making measurement simpler
  • Added customization of the look, style, and color of overlay tags and rulers
  • New Zoom on Click mouse action
  • Added ability to set any number of rows and columns of cells
  • Dynamic Zoom which keeps the clicked area visible at all times
  • New LUT Spectrum feature which provides a colored lookup table that improves ability to analyze images

Other Enhancements

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