Feature Description

The LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server includes tools to stream the Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) format for .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ developers. With only a few lines of code and configuration modifications, a full-featured HDS server can be created to enable audio/video multimedia playback on any browser with Adobe Flash Player installed or within Adobe AIR applications.

Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) is a proprietary solution for on-demand and live delivery of high-quality content. Unlike UDP-based protocols such as RTP, Adobe HDS uses an adaptive bit rate technique to deliver standard MP4 media over regular HTTP connections. Because it is adaptive, the streaming settings can be changed based on the current network conditions and the client hardware. HDS has support for file encryption and can be used to deliver HD quality video up to 1080p with bit rates up to 6Mbps. HDS can use either H.264 or VP6 video and AAC or MP3 audio.


Overview of LEADTOOLS Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) Format SDK Technology

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