Feature Description

LEADTOOLS provides extensive support for DICOM WADO, including WADO-URI, WADO-WS, and DICOMweb (RESTful DICOM Services). Developers can use the API to directly access patient/study related data stored in third-party PACS or expose PACS data to direct third-party access using the DICOM defined HTTP protocol standard, including DICOM data storage (STOW-RS) over the web.

In addition, LEADTOOLS includes DICOMweb support for the LEADTOOLS high-level PACS Framework. This enables third-party systems to directly query (QIDO-RS), retrieve (WADO-RS), and store (STOW-RS) DICOM objects over the web to its DICOM storage system using DICOM WADO protocol from anywhere, thereby removing the domain boundary limitation.

DICOMweb and WADO services serve many uses in modern health care applications and workflows. These services enable many benefits for interconnected systems such as referencing images or reports from electronic patient records (EPR) and emails, providing outside access to DICOM images and metadata, and enhancing security through anonymization.

Overview of LEADTOOLS DICOMweb and WADO SDK Technology

DICOMweb and WADO services are solutions to real-world problems such as:

Technology Related to DICOMweb and WADO