Feature Description

LEADTOOLS Driver's License recognition and processing SDK technology provides .NET (C# & VB) and web developers with a high-level framework to classify and extract data from driver's licenses and similar forms of identification. The state-of-the-art recognition algorithms is capable of recognizing structured and unstructured driving licenses and ID cards from any country, state, or agency.

Programmers requiring unique, accurate, and efficient methods of customer data capture will find great value in LEADTOOLS Driver's License recognition. In addition to benefiting from the world-class recognition accuracy of LEADTOOLS, the toolkit includes customizable master templates for all fifty states in the US and Washington DC, which will significantly jump-start development and reduce the time required to create and test licenses for their application. Moreover, an implementation to recognize and process unstructured ID cards is included.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Driver's License Recognition and Processing SDK Technology

Technology Related to Driver's License Recognition and Processing