LEADTOOLS ID Reader App for iPhone, iPad, and Android demonstrates the phenomenal power of the LEADTOOLS Doucment Suite Software Development Kit (SDK). Using only the CPU of a mobile device, the LEADTOOLS Document Suite SDK can extract data from live video and still-images, while dealing with real-world issues such as glare, movement of the camera and identification, and reflections on lamination. Remarkably, only taking fractions of a second, the ID Reader App can process, recognize, and extract data in real-time from physical driver’s licenses, work authorizations, and identification cards with only a smart phone.


  • Automatically extracts data from real-time video and still images of driver’s licenses, work authorizations, and identification cards. The reader can extract data from the text or barcode present on identification cards
  • Does not require internet access! All AI/ML enhanced recognition is performed on the device with NO data transfer to external servers. This ensures data privacy and compliance with common standards and regulations such as KYC/AML GDP, CCPA, HIPAA
  • Blazing fast! Processing typically takes about 100ms per frame on modern mobile devices
  • Advanced pre-processing algorithms handle image artifacts such as glare and reflections
  • Extracts information at different angles
  • Powered by LEADTOOLS Barcode and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines, the world’s premier recognition libraries

Try for yourself here:

App Store Demo Applications

LEAD has published several free applications to the App Store and Google Play. They not only serve as useful tools for your device, but also demonstrate that using LEADTOOLS in your app can pass the stringent approval processes required by mobile device app stores. The LEADTOOLS Evaluation Download helps developers add advanced technology to their mobile app projects.

Trouble downloading or running? We'd like to know. Please make a detailed note of your error message or problem and contact support@leadtools.com or live chat with us.