Feature Description

LEADTOOLS includes tools for streaming a variety of formats playable within HTML5-compatible browsers using the Media Streaming Server for .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ developers. With only a few lines of code and configuration modifications, a fully featured video streaming server can be created to enable audio/video multimedia playback using the <video> element on HTML5-enabled web pages.

The <video> element was introduced in HTML5 as a way for web developers to play videos on the web without the need for end users to download and install plugins into their web browsers. HTML5 Video is intended to be an industry-standard replacement for the proprietary Adobe Flash plugin. The <video> element gives the developer the option of using the browser's default playback controls or customizing the playback controls using JavaScript. Because video support varies among the different web browsers on various operating systems, the <video> element supports multiple <source> elements, which allows the browser to pick the appropriate file to download.


Overview of LEADTOOLS HTML5 Video Format SDK Technology

Using the video element to play videos streamed from LEADTOOLS Media Server

The LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server does all of the hard work of serving and streaming audio/video media files. Playing HTML5-supported formats such as MP4 and WebM in compatible web browsers requires very little HTML markup:

<video src="mymovie.mp4" poster="mymovie.jpg" controls>
   If you see this, your browser doesn't support HTML5 Video.

Technology Related to HTML5 Video Format