Feature Description

The LEADTOOLS H.265 Codec is a state-of-the-art DirectShow filter and Media Foundation Transform for compressing and decompressing video data using H.265/HEVC standard (ISO/IEC 23008-2). H.265 is a successor to H.264 and is the latest and most advanced video standard developed jointly by VCEG and MPEG.

H.265 is a major leap forward in video compression technology as it achieves double the compression ratios of H.264. It also supports much higher video resolutions, including Ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K and 8K.

Overview of the LEADTOOLS H.265 Codec Technology

What is H.265?

H.265 is a high quality video compression algorithm and is suited for all types of applications with different ranges of bit rates. In addition to MP4 files, H.265 compressed video data can be stored inside AVI, MKV, OGG, MPEG-2 Program, and MPEG2 Transport Stream files with the option of saving the file with or without the audio data. The technology is also known as HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) or MPEG-H Part 2 (ISO/IEC 23008-2).

Technology Related to H.265 (HEVC) Codec