Feature Description

LEADTOOLS smooths and reduces noise in images with a variety of image processing functions for .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, macOS, Java, and web developers. These functions can be used to improve image quality, recognition results, and compression ratios through the removal of jagged lines and image noise.

On top of making photographs clearer and more visually appealing, images improved by noise reduction and smoothing have many benefits in both document and medical imaging fields. Recognition accuracy in scanned documents is improved by removing any noise that appears on and around text and barcodes. Similarly, radiologists and health-care professionals can make more accurate diagnostic evaluations when images are free of static artifacts, jagged edges, and other types of image noise.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Image Noise Reduction and Smoothing SDK Technology

Image Noise Reduction and Smoothing

Technology Related to Image Noise Reduction and Smoothing