LEADTOOLS Digital Paint C API Introduction


The LEADTOOLS DigitalPaint C API allows adding digital painting functionality to an application. With LEADTOOLS Digital Paint, a developer can create an entire image editing or design application, or simply add pieces of those types of functionality into an existing application.

The API includes both low-level and high-level functions for painting. With the low-level functions, you can programmatically control the painting. With the high-level functions (known as Automated Mode), you can simply turn on Automation, and allow the user to pick the painting tool. With Automation, the user's mouse events are automatically processed, and the coding is done for you.

The output can be painted to a device context (DC), a bitmap, or both. In addition, the LEADTOOLS DigitalPaint C API provides the option of color restriction, using an optional restriction palette.

Key Features

The LEADTOOLS DigitalPaint C API consists of five groups of paint functions. These groups are:

Note: LEADTOOLS DigitalPaint products do not copy data passed to a DigitalPaint function by the user. Rather, they use data directly. Therefore, the data supplied by the user must remain valid for as long as the data is needed. For example, if a palette handle is passed to a DigitalPaint function, the toolkit uses this handle to access the palette. The toolkit does NOT make a copy of the handle or the palette. Therefore, if the palette handle provided by the use is destroyed, the toolkit's palette handle is also destroyed and the toolkit will have an invalid palette handle.

Windows Common Dialogs

Includes a set of ready to use dialog boxes for gathering information for use in setting the various paint options. These allow you to quickly add code to your application for getting input from the end-user. Additionally, it gives your application a consistent Windows look and feel, making your application easier to use and learn.

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LEADTOOLS Digital Paint C API Help

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