Redaction SDK Libraries

With ever growing concerns of privacy and stringent regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA, maintaining control of data has never been more important. Redaction and anonymization are important tools for organizations that need to provide data to third-parties without violating policies and regulations. LEADTOOLS offers tools for .NET 6+, .NET Framework, .NET MAUI, Xamarin, UWP, C++ Class Library, C#, VB, C/C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, and HTML / JavaScript to redact, sanitize, and anonymize images, documents, and DICOM datasets.

Feature-rich Redaction SDK

Intelligent Redaction Component

LEAD’s investment in AI and machine learning is showcased in the Document Analyzer SDK, which automatically detects and redacts data from forms, documents, and images with easy to configure rules.

All Document Analyzer features are provided without the need of additional 3rd-party tools or applications. Some of those features include:

  • Location search, including relative locations
  • Conditional search to match and filter the results
  • Partial and full match Regex support
  • Predefined rules for some common data types like SSN, ID number, tax ID, address, email address, and more
  • Actions such as redact, highlight, and extract can be applied to data of interest
Annotation libraries to mark up Documents

Document Redaction and Mark up Libraries

LEADTOOLS libraries support several industry standard annotation formats, including PDF, IBM FileNet P8, and Daeja annotations. In addition to the objects that those formats support, the libraries include a broad range of document annotation objects, including redact, encrypt, and strike. The text-based review and collaboration objects are similar to Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word. The document can remain searchable, even after it has been marked up and redacted.

  • Redact
  • Encrypt
  • Strike
  • Underline
  • Highlight
Web service to redact images and documents

File Redaction Web API

With the LEADTOOLS Hosted Cloud Service conversions web service, users can provide logic to redact text images and documents by passing a regular expression to find and redact information of interest such as social security numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Anonymize DICOM files

DICOM Anonymization API

LEADTOOLS DICOM libraries provide classes and APIs to anonymize DICOM and redact overlays and pixel data. The LEADTOOLS DICOM libraries are indispensable for programmers working on applications for medical and other life sciences industries. Following the latest DICOM specification, the DICOM APIs support all IODs with or without optional modules and elements. Additionally, the libraries support all transfer syntaxes, native model (XML and JSON), ANSI, Unicode, and multi-language character support to load and save ideographic and phonetic characters within the same DICOM element.

Redaction Development Made Easy

Easy to Integrate

LEADTOOLS handles the heavy lifting, eliminating months of R&D, while giving you the best quality and performance available. You'll be free to focus on other components of your application. Download the LEADTOOLS evaluation to streamline your development.

Cross platform libraries

Redaction SDK Platforms and Programming Interfaces

Operating Systems

Projects that use LEADTOOLS Redaction libraries can be deployed to Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and Web devices.


Developers that are leveraging these frameworks can utilize the Redaction SDK: .NET 6+, .NET Framework, .NET MAUI, Xamarin, UWP, WinForms, C++ Class Library, ASP.NET, and Web Services / Web API (JSON, SOAP, REST)

Programming, Scripting, Markup

Redaction code snippets and demo applications are provided for the following: C#, VB, XAML, C/C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, and HTML / JavaScript

Start Coding with LEADTOOLS Redaction

Redaction libraries as well as all LEADTOOLS Recognition, Document, Medical, Vector, and Imaging technologies for all development and target platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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