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IsStarted Property


Determines whether this IOcrEngine has been started and is ready to be used.

public bool IsStarted { get; } 
ReadOnly Property IsStarted As Boolean 
@property (nonatomic, assign, readonly) BOOL isStarted 
public boolean isStarted() 
property bool IsStarted { 
   bool get(); 

Property Value

true if this IOcrEngine has been started and is ready to be used, otherwise it is false.


The Startup method must be called before invoking any other methods or properties in this IOcrEngine.

To check if the engine is started, use the IsStarted property.

You must call Shutdown to shut down the engine and free the memory and resources used.

You can call the Startup method multiple times, only the first call will start the engine while subsequent calls will only increment an internal counter. You must call Shutdown for each Startup called.

The IOcrEngine interface implements IDisposable. It is highly recommended that you call Dispose (or use the usingstatement in C# or Using statement in VB) when creating the IOcrEngine instance. The Dispose method will automatically shut down the engine if it has been started.


For an example, refer to Startup.


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