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SaveZones(string,int,OcrWriteXmlOptions) Method


Saves the zones of this IOcrPage to a multipage zones disk file with XML options.

public void SaveZones( 
   string fileName, 
   int pageNumber, 
   OcrWriteXmlOptions xmlOptions 
Overloads Sub SaveZones( _ 
   ByVal fileName As String, _ 
   ByVal pageNumber As Integer, _ 
   ByVal xmlOptions As OcrWriteXmlOptions _ 
- (void)saveZonesToFile:(NSString *)fileName  
        xmlWriteOptions:(nullable LTOcrWriteXmlOptions *)xmlWriteOptions  
                  error:(NSError **)error 
public void saveZones(String fileName, 
                      int pageNumber, 
                      OcrWriteXmlOptions xmlOptions) 
void SaveZones(  
   String^ fileName, 
   int pageNumber, 
   OcrWriteXmlOptions^ xmlOptions 


The name of the file to save the zones to. The file must exist and must contain a valid multipage zones file.

The 1-based page number of the zones in the file to replace (or append). If the zones file contain zones for page 'pageNumber', then this method will replace these zones with the zones of the current IOcrPage. If the file does not contain zones for page 'pageNumber', then this method will append these zones at the end of the file.

Options to use when creating the XML data.


To save and load the zones of OCR pages, you can use one of these methods:

Note on loading zones from a multipage zone file: If the file does not contain zones data with the correct page number, the engine will not load any zones for this page. After the method returns, any OCR page that did not have zones data will contain zero zones (the Zones property contains 0 items). You can then use IOcrPage.AutoZone if required to re-zone this page.

Use the SaveZones(fileName) method to save zones to a single-page zones file name.

To load and save the zones to a .NET stream, use LoadZones(stream) and SaveZones(stream).

Saving zones to an external file or a stream could be useful when you are processing forms. For example, you can load one of the forms and automatically find the zones inside it using AutoZone, if the automatic zone detection was not 100 percent satisfactory, you can update the zones in the Zones collection manually and then save the result with SaveZones(fileName). Once the zones are saved. You can now process all similar forms in the following manner:

  • Add the form page or pages to an OCR document using the Pages collection of IOcrDocument.
  • Load the zones previously saved for each page using LoadZones(fileName).
  • Skip calling AutoZone and directly call Recognize. This will also speed up the recognition process considerably.


For an example, refer to AutoZone.


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