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OmrOptions Property


Gets the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) settings currently used by the engine.

public IOcrOmrOptions OmrOptions { get; } 
ReadOnly Property OmrOptions As IOcrOmrOptions 
@property (nonatomic, strong, readonly) LTOcrOmrOptions *omrOptions 
public OcrOmrOptions getOmrOptions() 
property IOcrOmrOptions^ OmrOptions { 
   IOcrOmrOptions^ get(); 

Property Value

An IOcrOmrOptions interface implementation object that defines the OMR settings currently used by the engine.


Use of OMR in LEADTOOLS requires a special key to unlock OMR capabilities. For more information, refer to Unlocking Special LEAD Features.

To get the instance of the IOcrOmrOptions interface currently used in the engine call the IOcrSpellCheckManager.OmrOptions property.

Use the IOcrOmrOptions interface, you can change the following OMR settings:

The OMR zones of a page have the OcrZone.ZoneType property set to OcrZoneType.Omr.

All LEADTOOLS OCR engines support OMR. However, only the LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine supports auto-detection of OMR zones during auto-zoning of the OCR page. To set up OMR zone auto-detection, make sure that the "Detect Checkbox" is one of the Recognition.Zoning.Options setting flags included before calling IOcrPage.AutoZone or IOcrPage.Recognize. The rest of the OCR engines require that the OMR zones be manually added to the page by setting their boundaries through OcrZone.Bounds and zone type as described above. Then add the zones to the page using the IOcrPage.Zones collection before calling IOcrPage.Recognize.

For more information refer to Using OMR in LEADTOOLS .NET OCR.


For an example, refer to IOcrOmrOptions.


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