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RejectionSymbol Property


Gets or sets the character used as a symbol for the rejected characters in the final output document.

public char RejectionSymbol { get; set; } 
Property RejectionSymbol As Char 
public char getRejectionSymbol() 
public void setRejectionSymbol(char value) 
property char RejectionSymbol { 
   char get(); 
   void set (    char ); 

Property Value

The character used as a symbol for the rejected (i.e. unrecognized the recognition module used in the zone) characters in the final output document.


In IOcrEngine there is a special internal code for marking the unrecognized characters (called rejected characters). However, when exporting to the final output document, the recognition result must contain this information, as well. The character which will be used as a placeholder for rejected characters is the rejection symbol.

The default rejection symbol is "~" (the tilde character)

For more information on recognition and rejected and missing symbols, refer to IOcrPage.Recognize.

Note: This property is read only for the LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine, setting this property will have no effect.


For an example, refer to IOcrDocumentManager.


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