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WorkDirectory Property


Gets the path to the work directory used by this IOcrEngine to store the engine temporary files.

public string WorkDirectory { get; } 
ReadOnly Property WorkDirectory As String 
@property (nonatomic, copy, readonly, nullable) NSString *workDirectory 
public String getWorkDirectory() 
property String^ WorkDirectory { 
   String^ get(); 

Property Value

The path to the work directory used by this IOcrEngine to store the engine temporary files.


The WorkDirectory is passed as the workDirectory parameter to the Startup method. This directory is used when the engine saves the its temporary files. The IOcrEngine object will create various temporary files during recognition and document saving processes. It will use the path passed in WorkDirectory as the location where these temporary files will be created. You can pass null (Nothing in VB) to let the engine select the temporary directory of the current logged in user (TEMP).

In either case, the value of working directory of the current started IOcrEngine can be obtained through the WorkDirectory property.

The engine will automatically deletes any temporary files created. However, if an unexpected error occurs (for example, an unhandled exception), some temporary files may still reside in the work directory after the application exits. A typical application may use a custom directory inside the application path and manually deletes any files that may reside there before calling Startup in case the previous instance of the application exited abnormally.

If the value of WorkDirectory is not null (Nothing in VB), then it must refer to a valid directory that exists in the system and the process that created the engine must have access rights to read, write and delete files from this directory.

The value WorkDirectory will hold the current work directory used by the OCR engine, if you passed null (Nothing in VB) in the Startup method, the value of this property will be set to the current logged in user TEMP value.


For an example, refer to Startup.


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