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NativeOcrZoneRecognitionOptions Enumeration


Zone checking control options.

public enum NativeOcrZoneRecognitionOptions 
Public Enum NativeOcrZoneRecognitionOptions  
public enum NativeOcrZoneRecognitionOptions 
public enum class NativeOcrZoneRecognitionOptions   

0x00000000None No options.
0x00000001DisableLanguageDictionary Prohibit the use of the language dictionary in this zone.
0x00000002DisableUserDictionary Prohibit the use of the user dictionary in this zone.
0x00000004DisableVerification Not used by this version of LEADTOOLS.
0x00000008IgnoreWhiteSpace Ignore white space characters (SPACE and TAB characters) during checking of this zone. This field should be used together with the NativeOcrZoneRecognitionOptions.PassEntireLines.
0x00000010IgnoreCase Case insensitive user dictionary checking for this zone.
0x00000020PassEntireLines Instructs the recognition module to pass entire lines to the checker for this zone, instead of words. Do not use this attribute in conjunction with spell checking.
0x00000040DisableCorrection Correction done by the IOcrSpellCheckManager is disabled for this zone.
0x00000080IncludePunctuation Punctuation characters will also be considered during checking of this zone.
0x00000100CorrectProperNames Enables the correction of words beginning with an uppercase letter inside a sentence (i.e. typically but not always proper names).


Used with engine-specific zones. For more information, refer to IOcrZoneManager.GetNativeZone and IOcrZoneManager.SetNativeZone.

The accuracy of the recognition for a zone can also be improved by enabling the checking subsystem to run. Enable the checking subsystem by setting the IOcrSpellCheckManager.SpellCheckEngine property to a value other than OcrSpellCheckEngine.None. The application may need to call additional checking functions to configure the checking subsystem properly.

Use the NativeOcrZone.RecognitionOptions property to control how the checking subsystem will check the recognized result for the zone.


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