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RecognitionModule Property


Gets or sets the zone recognition module.

public NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule RecognitionModule { get; set; } 
Public Property RecognitionModule As NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule 
public NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule getRecognitionModule() 
public void setRecognitionModule(NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule value) 
property NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule RecognitionModule { 
   NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule get(); 
   void set (    NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule ); 

Property Value

An NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule enumeration member that indicate the zone recognition module.


The FillMethod property is used to define what kind of zone filling method has been used originally on the document to fill the zone's area. (i.e. whether it contains a barcode, machine print, handprint, graphic, etc.).

The RecognitionModule property specifies the recognition module to be used for this zone.

Since any recognition module supports only a limited set of the zone filling methods, the module specified in RecognitionModule should be able to deal with the specified NativeOcrZoneFillMethod. It is your responsibility to specify a valid recognition module-filling method pair. Otherwise any incorrectly set zone will have no recognition result. For more information, refer to An Overview of OCR Recognition Modules.

Note: This property is not supported in the LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine and it will always contain NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule.Auto.


For an example, refer to IOcrPage.AutoZone.


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