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DocumentManager Property


Allows you to create new OCR documents that are used to create final documents such as PDF or Microsoft Word from the recognition results.

public IOcrDocumentManager DocumentManager { get; } 
ReadOnly Property DocumentManager As IOcrDocumentManager 
@property (nonatomic, strong, readonly) LTOcrDocumentManager *documentManager 
public OcrDocumentManager getDocumentManager() 
property IOcrDocumentManager^ DocumentManager { 
   IOcrDocumentManager^ get(); 

Property Value

The instance of the IOcrDocumentManager object that allow you to create final documents such as PDF or Microsoft Word from the recognition results.


The DocumentManager allows you to do the following:

  • Create instance of IOcrDocument objects that encapsulate an OCR'ed document. Each IOcrDocument contains an IOcrDocument.Pages property that is an implementation of standard .NET collection of IOcrPage objects. Use this member to add, remove or update image (raster) pages in the OCR document. Pages can be image files on disk, memory or even in a remote URL. Any file format supported by LEADTOOLS (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, etc) can be loaded into the OCR document. At any time, use the various IOcrPage methods to zone the page (or pages) and recognize the objects in them in preparation to saved as a document. For more information refer to IOcrDocument, IOcrPageCollection and IOcrPage. Once you are done with adding and preparing the pages, you can use the save methods of the IOcrDocument object to save the document into its final format. LEADTOOLS supports saving to various standard document formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML and several others. For more information, refer to IOcrDocumentManager, IOcrDocument and DocumentFormat.
  • Get or set the options to use when creating new documents such as the font names.

For more information, refer to IOcrDocumentManager.

You must call the Startup method before you can use the DocumentManager.


For an example, refer to IOcrDocumentManager.


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