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Overview and description of Leadtools Ocr classes, delegates, enumerations, interfaces, and structures.

Class Description
OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs Contains data for the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobOperation event.
Class OcrAutoRecognizeJobProgressEventArgs Contains data for the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobProgress event.
Class OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs Contains data for the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobStarted and IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobCompleted events.
Class OcrComponentMissingException Represents the exception that is thrown when trying to use an OCR feature supported but not installed.
Class OcrEngineManager Provides methods to create OCR engine instances.
Class OcrException Represents the exception that is thrown when a runtime error occurs inside the IOcrEngine
Class OcrPageAreaOptions Area of interest options to use with an OCR page.
Class OcrPageSortedZonesIndexMapOptions Sorted zone index map generation options to use with an OCR page.
Class OcrRuntimeFile Data for the IOcrEngine.RuntimeFileCallback callback.
Class OcrSupportLockedException Represents the exception that is thrown when a support locked runtime error occurs inside the IOcrEngine.
Class OcrTypeManager Helper class to create OCR struct values.
Class OcrWriteXmlOptions Options to use when saving XML data.
Class OcrZoneCell Contains information of a cell in a zone of type OcrZoneType.Table

Structure Description
NativeOcrZone Represents a native zone rectangular area on a page containing a feature of interest to the user.
Structure OcrAutoRecognizeJobData Contains the data used to create an OCR Auto Recognition job.
Structure OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobError Contains information on an IOcrAutoRecognizeManager job error.
Structure OcrCellBorderDragLimit Defines the maximum and minimum movement allowed by a given cell border.
Structure OcrCharacter Represents recognized character data.
Structure OcrMicrData Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) data.
Structure OcrPageAutoPreprocessValues Holds data that describes any pre-processing performed on an IOcrPage.
Structure OcrStatistic Represents processing statistic data.
Structure OcrTablePointInformation Contains cell index and the nearest border for a given point.
Structure OcrWord Represents recognized word data.
Structure OcrZone Represents a rectangular area on a page containing a feature of interest to the user.

Delegate Description
OcrProgressCallback Monitors progress of OCR operations.
Delegate OcrRuntimeFileCallback Signature of the callback to use for redirecting OCR runtime files.

Interface Description
IOcrAutoRecognizeJob Specifies an OCR job that can run and tracked by IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.
Interface IOcrAutoRecognizeManager Provides support for the one shot "fire and forget" approach to OCR suitable for unattended recognition.
Interface IOcrDocument Defines an OCR document object.
Interface IOcrDocumentManager Manages the OCR documents of this IOcrEngine.
Interface IOcrEngine Provides support for OCR functionality in LEADTOOLS.
Interface IOcrLanguageManager Provides access to the language environment of the character sets used by the IOcrEngine.
Interface IOcrOmrOptions The OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) settings currently used by the engine.
Interface IOcrPage Defines an image page in an OCR document.
Interface IOcrPageCharacters Represents the recognized characters collection of a page.
Interface IOcrPageCollection Represents the pages of an OCR document object.
Interface IOcrProgressData Contains data for the OcrProgressCallback delegate.
Interface IOcrSettingDescriptor Defines a setting name, friendly name, type and range.
Interface IOcrSettingManager Manages the underlying engine-specific settings of this IOcrEngine.
Interface IOcrSpellCheckManager Manages the spell checking sub system of the OCR engine.
Interface IOcrTableZoneManager Represents an Object used to manipulate cells inside a table zone.
Interface IOcrZoneCharacters The recognized characters collection of a zone inside a page.
Interface IOcrZoneCollection Contains the zones in this IOcrPage.
Interface IOcrZoneManager Support for determining the various zone types, recognition modules and fill methods supported by the OCR engine.

Enumeration Description
NativeOcrZoneAfterRecognitionNotes The after recognition flags for the zone.
Enumeration NativeOcrZoneFillMethod Possible content types of the zones
Enumeration NativeOcrZoneParser The zone parser used when automatically performing page-layout decomposition (auto-zoning).
Enumeration NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule Available recognition modules of the engine.
Enumeration NativeOcrZoneRecognitionOptions Zone checking control options.
Enumeration NativeOcrZoneType Native zone types.
Enumeration OcrAutoPreprocessPageCommand Performs page pre-processing commands
Enumeration OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobErrorMode Defines values for the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobErrorMode property.
Enumeration OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobOperation IOcrAutoRecognizeManager job operations.
Enumeration OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobStatus Job status.
Enumeration OcrBackgroundFillStyle Indicates the background fill style of a cell border.
Enumeration OcrCellBorder Indicates the cell border location
Enumeration OcrCellBorderLineStyle Indicates the line style of a cell border.
Enumeration OcrCharacterFontStyle Indicates the font attributes for recognized characters.
Enumeration OcrCharacterPosition Recognition character data position information.
Enumeration OcrCreateDocumentOptions Options to use when creating a document using IOcrDocumentManager.
Enumeration OcrDocumentFontType Font types used when saving the final document.
Enumeration OcrEngineType Specifies available OCR engine types.
Enumeration OcrImageSharingMode Options used with IOcrEngine.CreatePage to determine the ownership of the source raster image.
Enumeration OcrOmrFrameDetectionMethod The OMR frame detection mode.
Enumeration OcrOmrSensitivity The OMR sensitivity mode.
Enumeration OcrOmrZoneState The zone OMR recognition state.
Enumeration OcrPageSortedZonesIndexMapFlags Indicates the flags used for sorting zones in GetSortedZonesIndexMap.
Enumeration OcrPageType The type of the page's RasterImage to get.
Enumeration OcrProgressOperation OCR progress callback operation identification.
Enumeration OcrProgressStatus Status control of the OcrProgressCallback.
Enumeration OcrRuntimeFileMode Operation to be performed on a OCR runtime file.
Enumeration OcrSettingValueType Defines a setting type.
Enumeration OcrSpellCheckEngine OCR Spell Checker Type
Enumeration OcrSupportLockedExceptionType The type of support (feature) needing to be unlocked that caused the error.
Enumeration OcrTextDirection Determines the direction of text in a zone.
Enumeration OcrTextStyle The style of a text zone.
Enumeration OcrXmlEncoding Encoding to use when saving XML data.
Enumeration OcrXmlOutputOptions Controls the format of the XML data obtained from IOcrDocument.SaveXml.
Enumeration OcrZoneCharacterFilters Character set filter.
Enumeration OcrZoneType Zone types.

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