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Copy Method


Creates a copy of the source page.

public IOcrPage Copy() 
Public MustOverride Function Copy() As IOcrPage 
   virtual IOcrPage^ Copy() abstract 

Return Value

The newly created page.


This method performs the following tasks: <ol>

Creates a new OCR page with a copy of the image in the source (this) page.

Copies any zones found in the source page to the new one.

Copies any recognized results to the new page.

Returns the page.


The resulting page will have no links whatsoever to the source page. It must be disposed of when no longer used.

If the source page does not have an area of interest, then an exact copy of the page is returned.

If the source page contains an area of interest previously set through SetAreaOptions, then only the rectangle specified in Area is obtained. The new page will have dimensions equal to Area and only the zones and recognized characters that are included in the Area are copied.


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