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OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs Class

public class OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs : EventArgs 
Public Class OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs  
   Inherits System.EventArgs 
public class OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEvent extends EventObject 
public ref class OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs : public System.EventArgs  


IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobStarted and IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobCompleted will trigger when Run, RunJob or RunJobAsync is called.

The JobStarted event occurs when a job is about to start. You can use this event to keep track of the number of jobs pending running. You can also examine OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs.Job to get information on whether the job finished successfully and get error status if any. RunJob example shows complete source code of how to easily accomplish these tasks in your application.

The JobCompleted event will always occur when a job is run whether the job is aborted or completed.

To abort pending jobs in a multi-threaded application using IOcrAutoRecognizeManager, you subscribe to this event and set the value of OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs.Status to OcrAutoRecognizeManagerJobStatus.Abort. You can also examine OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs.Job and only abort certain jobs depending on your application logic.

IOcrAutoRecognizeManager allows you to modify the raster image, OCR page or OCR document during some parts of the operation. Refer to OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs.PageImage for more information an example.


For an example, refer to RunJob.


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