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OmrState Property


Gets or sets the after-recognition state of the OMR mark if this is an OMR zone.

public OcrOmrZoneState OmrState { get; set; } 
Public Property OmrState As OcrOmrZoneState 
public OcrOmrZoneState getOmrState() 
public void setOmrState(OcrOmrZoneState value) 
property OcrOmrZoneState OmrState { 
   OcrOmrZoneState get(); 
   void set (    OcrOmrZoneState ); 

Property Value

One or more OcrOmrZoneState enumeration member that indicate the after-recognition state (filled or unfilled) of the mark of this zone.


OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition. For more information refer to Using OMR in LEADTOOLS .NET OCR.

After IOcrPage.Recognize is called, all the OMR zones in the page will have the OMR properties updated as follows:

Property Description
NativeOcrZone.OmrState Either OcrOmrZoneState.Filled if the mark is recognized to be filled or checked, or OcrOmrZoneState.Unfilled if the mark is recognized to be unfilled or unchecked.
NativeOcrZone.OmrConfidence A number between 0 and 100 (where 100 is maximum confidence) that specifies the OCR engine confidence in the recognition status in NativeOcrZone.OmrState.

The OMR zones of a page are zones with the following properties:

Property Value
NativeOcrZone.FillMethod Set to NativeOcrZoneFillMethod.Omr.
NativeOcrZone.RecognitionModule Set to NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule.Omr.

All LEADTOOLS OCR engines support OMR. However, there isn't any current support for auto-detecting OMR zones in a page. To do that, add the OMR zones manually to the page by setting their boundary (through NativeOcrZone.Bounds, the fill method and recognition module as described above and adding the zone to the page using the IOcrPage.Zones collection before calling IOcrPage.Recognize.

To use OMR in LEADTOOLS, you need a special key to unlock the OMR capabilities. For more information, refer to Unlocking Special LEAD Features.


For an example, refer to IOcrOmrOptions.


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