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Language Property


Gets or sets the zone language.

public string Language { get; set; } 
Public Property Language As String 
@property (nonatomic, assign) LTOcrLanguage language 
public String getLanguage() 
public void setLanguage(String value) 
property String^ Language { 
   String^ get(); 
   void set (    String^ ); 

Property Value

A string that indicate the zone language. Default value is null.


Language property is supported in LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine only.

This property can be used to set or get the language of a zone. Setting the language of zone: The zone language must be set before the recognition process and the value returned will depend on the initial value and number of languages enabled in IOcrLanguageManager as follows:

Input value Number of languages enabled Output value Recognition language used
Null or empty string (default) 1 Null or empty string (default) since no language detection is performed Enabled language
Null or empty string (default) Greater than 1 Detection is perform, Language will contain the detected language name (even if the language is not enabled but supported) Language detected in the zone
A supported language name, such "en" or "de" 1 or greater No language detection is performed Input language value

Zone language detection is a dictionary based method. The confidence of a language without a dictionary is low. If a language does not have a dictionary installed, then that language will not be detected and the default (main) language will be used to recognize the text. For example, Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean do not have dictionaries. If an Asian language text is present in the input image, then you should set the desired language as the default (main) language in the OCR engine in order to recognize text with the highest accuracy. To determine whether a given spell language (dictionary) is supported by the current spell checker engine use IsSpellLanguageSupported. In order to get a list of the languages (dictionaries) supported by the current spell checker engine use GetSupportedSpellLanguages. For more information on OCR languages and spell checkers, refer to IOcrLanguageManager and IOcrSpellCheckManager.


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