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UpdateNativeFillMethod() Method


Update the type of text in the zones for all the pages in the OCR document.

public void UpdateNativeFillMethod() 
Overloads Sub UpdateNativeFillMethod()  
void UpdateNativeFillMethod();  


For more information on fill method updating of a page, refer to IOcrPage.UpdateNativeFillMethod.

This method will iterate through all the pages in the OCR document and run IOcrPage.UpdateNativeFillMethod on each page.

To update the fill method of a range of the pages in the OCR document use UpdateNativeFillMethod(int firstPageIndex, int lastPageIndex).

Note: This method is not supported in the LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine, any call to this method will have no effect.

This member only works with memory-based documents and will throw an exception otherwise. For more information, refer to IOcrDocumentManager.CreateDocument and Programming with the LEADTOOLS .NET OCR.


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