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UseTextZone Property


Adds a text zone during auto-zoning.

public bool UseTextZone { get; set; } 
Public Property UseTextZone() As Boolean 
   property bool UseTextZone 
      bool get() 
      void set(bool value) 

Property Value

true to add a single OCR zone; otherwise, false to use intelligent zoning. The default value is false.


When AutoZone is called on a page that has its area of interest options set through SetAreaOptions, the value of UseTextZone is used to determine how the engine should process the page.

When the value is false (default), the engine will use intelligent zoning. In this mode, the engine will auto-zone the entire page and then drop the zones that are outside the area of interest. This greatly enhances the accuracy of the recognition process that will follow.

When the value is set to true, the engine will add an OcrZone with its ZoneType set to OcrZoneType.Text. This can reduce the accuracy of the recognition process that will follow if the area of interest contains text with multiple font styles and sizes, or if the area contains other elements such as tables or graphics.


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