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DetectNativeFillMethod Method


Detects the native type of zone text in this IOcrPage.

public NativeOcrZoneFillMethod DetectNativeFillMethod() 
Function DetectNativeFillMethod() As NativeOcrZoneFillMethod 
- (LTNativeOcrZoneFillMethod)detectNativeFillMethod; 
public NativeOcrZoneFillMethod detectNativeFillMethod() 
NativeOcrZoneFillMethod DetectNativeFillMethod();  

Return Value

An NativeOcrZoneFillMethod enumeration member that specifies the type of text in this IOcrPage.


This method tries to determine the type of the text in the IOcrPage globally (e.g. hand printed, machine printed or dot-matrix printed text).

This method is useful when this is a page with an unknown or uncertain type of text. (This case quite often occurs when you work with filled forms.) The types of zones that can be detected with this method are:

  1. NativeOcrZoneFillMethod.OmniFont
  2. NativeOcrZoneFillMethod.DraftDotMatrix9
  3. NativeOcrZoneFillMethod.DraftDotMatrix24
  4. NativeOcrZoneFillMethod.Icr
  5. NativeOcrZoneFillMethod.NoRecognition

Note, you must either add zones manually or automatically to this page (with AutoZone) before you can call DetectNativeFillMethod.

To update the zones of this IOcrPage with the detected fill method, use UpdateNativeFillMethod

Note: This method will always return NativeOcrZoneFillMethod.Defaultfor the LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine since this engine does not support fill methods.


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