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IntersectPercentage Property


Percentage of a character's bounds that lie within the area of interest, used to determine whether to include that character.

public int IntersectPercentage { get; set; } 
Public Property IntersectPercentage() As Integer 
   property int IntersectPercentage 
      int get() 
      void set(int value) 

Property Value

Percentage value from 0 to 100 to use when determining whether a character's bounds is inside the area of interest. The default value is 0 which has a special meaning: it is treated as 50%.


This property is used when performing recognition through Recognize or copying an area of a page using Copy, and the source page contains an area of interest that has been set through SetAreaOptions. Under these conditions, the bounds of each recognized OCR character (Bounds) is checked against Area. If the character is outside the area it is ignored and if the character is completely inside the area it is included. When only part of the character's bounds is included, then the engine will use IntersectPercentage to decide whether to include the character. A value of 25 means that if less than 25% of the character is included it should be dropped. Similarly, a value of 75 means that if less than 75% of the character is included it should be dropped, and so on.

A value of 100 means the character should not be included unless all of its bounds lies within the area of interest. The value of 0 (the default value) is a special case and equivalent to using 50: include the character if half or more of its area lies within the area of interest.


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