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GetVerticalSplitters Method


Get the number and position of vertical splitters in a table zone.

public int[] GetVerticalSplitters( 
   int zoneIndex 
Function GetVerticalSplitters( _ 
   ByVal zoneIndex As Integer _ 
) As Integer() 
array<int>^ GetVerticalSplitters(  
   int zoneIndex 


The 0-based index of the zone inside this page IOcrPage.Zones. This zone must exist in the list and its type must be a table (OcrZone.ZoneType must be OcrZoneType.Table) otherwise, this method will throw an exception.

Return Value

An array of Int32 that contains the x positions of the splitters.


Manipulating cells position and size inside a table zone is a very sensitive matter and any non-accurate information will cause an error. The IOcrTableZoneManager contains methods to easily accomplish these tasks with minimum error. These methods are built around what is expected to be accomplished by an application that manipulates the cells of a zone through a user-interface, such as clicking and dragging with the mouse.

The following methods can be used to manipulate the cells position and size:

  • SplitCells and merge cells to split/merge the cells inside a given area in a table zone. This makes it easy to add/remove cells to the zone.

  • GetPointInformation to Gets the cell index and the nearest border for a given point. This can be used by selecting a cell or a border using a mouse click.

  • MoveCellBorder and GetCellBorderDragLimit to move a cell border while making sure it does not get run over adjacent cells or the table area. This can be used to change the size of a cell by clicking and dragging the mouse.

  • GetTabulatorPosition to get the tabulator position. The tabulator has only a horizontal position.

  • GetHorizontalSplitters and GetVerticalSplitters to get the number and positions of horizontal and vertical splitters. You can these methods to draw splitter guidelines in your user interface, or change the mouse cursor to a different shape if it is located over a splitter and dragging is allowed.


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