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IsRecognized Property


Gets a value that indicates whether this page has been recognized at least once.

public bool IsRecognized { get; } 
ReadOnly Property IsRecognized As Boolean 
@property (nonatomic, assign, readonly) BOOL isRecognized 
public boolean isRecognized() 
property bool IsRecognized { 
   bool get(); 

Property Value

true if this IOcrPage has been recognized at least once, otherwise it is false.


You can recognize a page with the Recognize method. The OCR recognition data is collected and stored internally in the page. You can also recognize all or some of the pages in the engine with the IOcrPageCollection.Recognize method of the collection that owns this page (IOcrDocument.Pages).

Once a page is recognized, you can call the GetRecognizedCharacters and SetRecognizedCharacters methods to examine and manipulate the recognition data.

You can call the Unrecognize method to clear the recognition data stored inside the page. Calling this method after the page is recognized will have the same effect as having a page that never been recognized. The value of IsRecognized will be set back to false after calling Unrecognize.


For an example, refer to IOcrPage.


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