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IsEngineFormatSupported Method


Gets a value indicating whether the specified engine native format is supported by this IOcrEngine.

public bool IsEngineFormatSupported( 
   string formatName 
Function IsEngineFormatSupported( _ 
   ByVal formatName As String _ 
) As Boolean 
public boolean isEngineFormatSupported(String formatName) 
bool IsEngineFormatSupported(  
   String^ formatName 


The name of the engine native format to check.

Return Value

true if formatName is supported by this IOcrEngine, otherwise it is false.


Some of the OCR engines supported by LEADTOOLS (for example, the OcrEngineType.OmniPage) support saving the recognition results using the engine native save mechanism instead of the LEADTOOLS Document Writers. Use the GetSupportedEngineFormats method to get a list of the names of the native formats and the EngineFormat property to set the format to use when saving the results.

Note that the LEADTOOLS default installation does not ship with native engine format support. You must download and install the "OCR Additional Features" setup available at https://www.leadtools.com to add this feature. To get a list of the engine native formats available but not installed for the current OCR engine, use GetAdditionalEngineFormats.

For more information on the various document formats supported by LEADTOOLS refer to DocumentFormat.

To get a list of all the engine native formats supported by this IOcrEngine, use GetSupportedEngineFormats.

To get the file extension for a specific engine native format, use GetEngineFormatFileExtension.

To get a friendly name for a specific engine native format, use GetEngineFormatFriendlyName.


For an example, refer to IOcrDocumentManager.


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