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SetValue Method


Sets the value of a setting from a string.

public void SetValue( 
   string settingName, 
   string value 
Sub SetValue( _ 
   ByVal settingName As String, _ 
   ByVal value As String _ 
- (nullable NSString *)valueForSetting:(NSString *)settingName 
public void setValue(String settingName, 
                     String value) 
void SetValue(  
   String^ settingName, 
   String^ value 


Unique setting name. If the IOcrEngine does not support the setting with the unique name settingName, an exception will be thrown. You can check which settings the engine supports by using GetSettingNames or IsSettingNameSupported.

New setting value as a string.


To get the type of a setting along with other information such as its friendly name and range use the GetSettingDescriptor method.

To get the value of a setting as a string, use GetValue.

Note that settings of type OcrSettingValueType.BeginCategory and OcrSettingValueType.EndCategory have no values and will throw an exception if you try to get or set their values. value must be convertible to the correct setting type. For example, if the setting is a OcrSettingValueType.Integer value, value can be "1" or "193". If the value cannot be converted, an exception will be thrown.

IOcrEngine is a wrapper for different OCR engines. These engines contain specific additional features and functionalities that can be queried and updated using the IOcrSettingManager interface.

You can use the different methods of the IOcrSettingManager interface to get and set the engine-specific settings. Each setting has a unique name (a string value). You can get all the settings available to the current OCR engine through the GetSettingNames method. The GetSettingDescriptor method returns a description of the setting (its type, friendly name and value range), you can then use the various setting get and set methods to query and change the value of a certain setting. For example, if the setting type is OcrSettingValueType.Integer, you can use the GetIntegerValue to get the current value of the setting and the SetIntegerValue to change its value. Refer to IOcrSettingManager for a complete example.

For a list of supported engine-specific settings and their meanings, refer to OCR engine-specific Settings.


For an example, refer to IOcrSettingManager.


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