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SettingManager Property


Manages the underlying engine-specific settings of this IOcrEngine.

public IOcrSettingManager SettingManager { get; } 
ReadOnly Property SettingManager As IOcrSettingManager 
@property (nonatomic, strong, readonly) LTOcrSettingManager *settingManager 
public OcrSettingManager getSettingManager() 
property IOcrSettingManager^ SettingManager { 
   IOcrSettingManager^ get(); 

Property Value

The instance of the IOcrSettingManager object used to manage the underlying OCR engine-specific settings of this IOcrEngine.


The SettingManager allows you to do the following:

  • Get and set the underlying engine-specific settings. IOcrEngine is a wrapper for different OCR engines, these engines contain additional features and functionalities specific to the current engine that can be queried and updated using the IOcrSettingManager interface.
  • Load and save the engine settings. Once you set up the OCR engine you can re-use these settings by saving the engine state into memory or to an XML file on disk. You can later reload these settings and use them in the same or a different instance of IOcrEngine.

For more information, refer to IOcrSettingManager.

You must call the Startup method before you can use the SettingManager.

Note: The LanguageManager and SpellCheckManager state is also saved when the engine settings are saved. For more information, refer to IOcrSettingManager.

For a list of supported engine-specific settings and their meanings, refer to OCR engine-specific Settings.


For an example, refer to IOcrSettingManager.


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